Elevate collaborates with other professionals to address your
multi-disciplinary project needs. Our associates include:

  • Specialized Biologists
  • Geotechnical, Environmental and Geoexchange Engineers
  • Groundwater Scientists
  • Geomorphologists
  • Landscape Architects
  • Permaculture Consultants
  • Environmental Management Systems Designers and Auditors
  • Sustainability Planners
  • Arborists

Watterson Geoscience Inc. – Dan Watterson, P.Geo., LHG

Mr. Watterson is Principal Hydrogeologist with Watterson Geoscience Inc. He has acquired over 27 years of geoscience, environmental and water resource experience. He is registered in British Columbia as a Professional Geoscientist and is a Licensed Geologist and Hydrogeologist in Washington State. Mr. Watterson began his career as a petroleum geologist and has acquired significant and varied expertise in mining-related assessments, hydrogeologic and groundwater resource evaluations, stormwater management, domestic / community waste water disposal assessments and design, multi-phase environmental assessments and contaminated site remediation, applied earth and environmental science, and comprehensive project management for projects located in British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Yukon, the western United States, Africa (Eritrea) and Mexico (Chihuahua).

JDQ Engineering Ltd. – Jeff Quibell

Principal of JDQ Engineering, Mr. Quibell has 22 years experience managing and conducting engineering investigations, engineering design, and construction management for a wide variety of projects in Canada and the United States.  For the past 12 years he has focused entirely on energy engineering practice primarily relating to ground source heat pump (geoexchange) system design and implementation. JDQ Engineering is a consulting engineering practice providing specialized energy engineering and resource engineering services.  Services are provided to public and private sector clients, including owners, architects, and other engineering firms. Key services include: Geoexchange heating system design, and design of other renewable energy systems; Geoexchange Suitability Analyses (GSAs) and Feasibility Studies; Comparative energy option analyses including economic analyses; Resource evaluations for water supply, wastewater, and other resource reviews.

Ignite Design – Mike Czuboka

Ignite is a graphic design studio specializing in brand identity and advertising, from logo development and carefully crafted print materials, to websites, billboards, and everything in between. Mike Czuboka, Principal of Ignite Design, is an internationally recognized, award winning, graphic designer and former ad agency Art and Creative Director. Passionate and experienced, Mike’s unique approach to design centers around a deep understanding of the branding process. Mike helps his clients achieve their goals by making sure the brand messaging is effective and accurate, from the planning stages to the final implementation. Many of Mike’s projects are prominent and recognizable in the Okanagan and throughout British Columbia.

Clarke Geosciences Ltd. – Jennifer Clarke

Ms. Clarke is a Professional Geoscientist with undergraduate and post‐graduate education in physical geography (geomorphology) and approximately 17 years of consulting experience. Areas of specialization include: terrain analysis, hillslope geomorphology, slope stability assessment, natural hazard assessments, watershed hydrology, and environmental impact assessment. Ms. Clarke is the Director of Clarke Geoscience Ltd., an independent consulting firm based in Kelowna, BC, providing specialist services in earth science and water resources. She provides reliable experience and a multi‐disciplinary perspective.

Naito Environmental – Gerry Naito, RPBio, CPESC

Principal of Naito Environmental since its formation in 1999, Mr. Naito has more than 25 years of experience in BC and Yukon assessing the effects of road and rail, urban, hydroelectric, pipeline, and forestry development on aquatic and terrestrial habitat.  He is a Registered Professional Biologist in British Columbia as well as a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control.  Mr. Naito is highly-experienced in conducting environmental assessments and designing environmental impact mitigation and compensation measures for proposed and existing developments.  He specializes in fish and fish habitat, and has extensive experience designing and implementing fish habitat improvement work, conducting fish and fish habitat studies, addressing fish passage issues, and developing fisheries impact mitigation and compensation measures.

DBA Essential Resources – Doug Ellis, RFT, QEP, ISA Arborist

Doug Ellis is the Owner/Operator of Essential Resources; a company specializing in natural resource education with an emphasis on safety planning and implementation. He is a RFT (Registered Forest Technologist), QEP (Qualified Environmental Professional) and an ISA Certified Arborist. Doug has worked with and learned from the trees in British Columbia’s natural resource sector since 1972, in the areas of parks, forestry, construction, utilities, recreation, wildfire, watersheds, restoration, biodiversity monitoring, stewardship, arboriculture and education.  Doug teaches a variety of natural resource courses including the Parks & Recreation, Forest Harvesting and Silviculture, and Wildland Fire Safety modules of BC’s Wildlife Danger Tree courses. He is a Senior Instructor for the BC Snowmobile Federation Industrial SledSafe course, Canada Safety Council’s ATV & UTV Courses and BC Wildfire Management Branch S-100 series Fireline Suppression and Safety courses. Doug developed and delivered the WMB Safety Officers’ course and during most summers, he helps out our fire fighting efforts as a Danger Tree Specialist and/or Safety Officer.


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