Peachland Restoration

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Client: Doug Nuytten, Owner

Location: Peachland, BC

Project: Emergency Riparian Restoration

Services:  Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) Assessment, Landscape Restoration Design, Environmental Monitoring

Principal of Elevate, Melony Catana, AScT, worked on this project while she was employed at EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd. Extensive unauthorized site clearing and earthworks was done in the steep riparian area of the property and a stop-work order was issued by the District of Peachland.  Melony assisted the homeowner by liaising with regulatory agencies, geotechnical engineers and concerned stakeholders, to determine a course of action that would rectify the situation, satisfy regulatory, geotechnical safety requirements, and ease neighbour’s concerns.  Melony then completed a RAR Assessment, prepared a detailed landscape restoration plan,  attended a council meeting, liaised with the landscape contractor and monitored construction.  The project was a great success in that regulatory permits were obtained in enough time to conduct the restoration on-time and to the satisfaction of the client and stakeholders.  Follow-up monitoring indicates that the restoration plants have been successful.


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