Liard Hotsprings Provincial Park

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Client: Bear Mountain Construction Ltd.

Location: Liard River Hotsprings Provincial Park, BC

Project: Deck and Change-house Demolition and Construction

Services:  Environmental Management Planning

Construction of the pool deck and change house occurred at the Liard Hotsprings alpha pool. Most of the work was on dry-land but some of the work was in the water.  The alpha pool and the surrounding Liard Hotspring complex are inhabited by the Federally Red-listed Hot Water Physa snail.  The snail and it’s habitat are protected under the key legislation: Species At Risk Act (SARA) and the Fisheries Act.  In order to work at this site, the contractor was required by BC Parks to demonstrate plans to minimize risks and reduce potential impacts to the snail, it’s habitat, and the overall environment.  To address this and other BC Parks requirements, the contractor hired Elevate to prepare an Environmental Management Plan, Communications Plan, Construction Plan and Safety Plan. On short notice, Elevate prepared a set of comprehensive, concise, and easy-to-use plans.  Both BC Parks and the client were very pleased with the plans. The project was completed successfully, without incident, in the fall/winter of 2012.


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