Barona Beach

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Location: West Kelowna, BC

Project: Shoreline Erosion Protection and Habitat Restoration

Services:  Environmental Permitting and Monitoring

Barona Beach contacted Elevate for assistance with an erosion problem along the Okanagan Lake shoreline of their property.  An unprotected portion of the shoreline was being eroded by wave action and there were concerns that a nearby building would be impacted.  Melony Catana coordinated the services of a geotechnical engineer to assist her with the development of a restoration plan, which included a retaining wall and a riparian restoration landscape plan. Melony also prepared a Section 9 Application and assisted with the preparation of a Development Permit Application to the District of West Kelowna.  Both permits were successful.  On The Mark was the contractor hired to do the work.  The work involved construction of a lock block retaining wall, access paths, rock stairs and native landscape vegetation.  The work was successfully completed in spring of 2013.

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